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June 12, 2017
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Your Week To Calm

Discover some simple stress-relieving techniques that work for you


By incorporating simple, positive and healthy activities into your week you can better manage stress as it occurs and many negative health consequences can be reduced. Whether you begin your week on a Sunday or Monday, these simple techniques can be used anywhere in your week, at home or at your favourite health and wellness studio.

Daily Practice

Do you have a daily practice? Perhaps it’s something you do as soon as you wake up and could be as simple as having a good stretch. By doing this it prevents your body from going into overdrive mode or turning your sympathetic nervous system on which puts you in to flight or fight mode resulting in a fast-paced, chaotic and stressful week … what we don’t want!

Brooke’s Tips
  • Slowly … climb out of bed and get into downward dog
  • Waking Meditation
  • Read a section of your book each night
  • Gratitude journaling



The benefits of yoga are limitless! It helps de-stress, counter bad posture, stimulate circulation, help digestion, increase flexibility and strength and loads more! Whether it is a home practice completing your daily sun salutations or attending a class, every bit helps keep you in your ‘calm zone’.

Brooke’s Tips
  • Wake up and do sun salutes to the sun
  • Schedule in that yoga class in advance
  • Watch an online yoga video
  • Incorporate some stretching with your meditation
  • DO IT WITH YOUR KIDS! (no excuses then, eh?)



Do you eat calming foods? Your probably thinking ‘calming foods’…? So these are foods that work with your body and allow you to easily digest once consumed. This includes foods that are high in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy goodness! Less processed and more real, raw food!

Brooke’s Tips
  • Meal prep … check!
  • De-clutter your pantry and fridge (how can you even find what to make in there?)
  • Don’t know what to make? Buy a recipe book, GOOGLE, blogs!
  • Less coffee, more tea, tea, tea  … yes I know :/



Theres nothing worse then coming home to a messy house, and more ‘stuff’ to do when you get home from work. Washing, dishes, beds to make, sheets to wash and the list is endless. But sometimes we need to do small things at home, to feel grounded and connected within our home which then makes it feel that way for others living and visiting there too.

Brooke’s Tips
  • Schedule a home day or few hours to focus on your home (not just for cleaning, but to make it feel good too)
  • Make it feel great – fresh air purifying plants (that are low maintenance!)
  • Re-decorate a room or change some photo frames around
  • Cleanse your home – sage, yes please!



Know where your mind is at, at anytime, by having intentions about your week. What you hope to achieve, where you hope to take the kids, when you hope to do the above things for YOU. Without having intentions none of it will get done. This doesn’t mean being a planning freak either, you can still be that free-spirit, it is just about structure.

Brooke’s Tips
  • Start your week writing your intentions down, stick them on your fridge!
  • Have no attachment and expectation of these intentions (thats hard, yeah?)
  • Re-visit your intentions mid-week
  • Build up some excitement for these intentions!


“Never forget, your calm is already there within you, you just need to find it”. – Brooke Brunskill, Conscious Living


Have a great week!

Always love + light,