Reiki is a Japanese technique of alternative and holistic medicine used to for relaxation and stress reduction. It’s major focus is to balance the 7 major energy centers throughout the body increasing the flow of energy (prana) and harmony within the energy body. These energy centers are linked to different areas of the physical body and when out of balance can lead to illness and disease. Brooke offers a reiki technique involving the use of heat, hand positions on and off the body, symbols, crystals, Universal elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and massage techniques to channel the energy through the body creating harmony and balance within.

First time having a 60 mins reiki & intuitive Balinese massage and I‘ve had reiki but never like this before. I’m surprised by how quickly releasing the blocks in my chakras – sacral and root especially – has had on how I feel in the past 24 hours! As Brooke placed her hands over my sacral chakra, there was a deep, deep rooted release of energy and emotion felt within the body that came out in the form of a tear also on Brooke’s body which I only found out after when she was able to share what she picked up whilst doing the whole treatment. A special experience. I left with info on being able to assist with my root chakra for being more grounded & recommendations on balancing my feminine and masculine energy. So much love for the sacred space Brooke created for this to occur – thank you!

Price ($)

90 minute Reiki (chakra cleansing) $150 AUD

Online/distant healing  – $95 AUD

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