Ever since I was a little girl I believed in magic. It wasn't until I started growing up that I realized I didn't know what it felt like, until I started to look within and found the light.

- Brooke Brunskill

Consciously Live a Life You Love

Life. Life is an adventure. There is mountain’s that are steep and rigid, slippery like ice and rough like pine cones. There are oceans so wide and so deep, so rough and so calm. I believe life is a journey to find our best self. That all the ups and down of life are their to serve us, to serve a role in our life, to encourage us to wake up when we need to and grow a little more.

I’m here to help you ‘wake up’. – Brooke

Hello beauty,
Are you wanting to live a life full of love, health and happiness? Are you wanting to wake up every single day doing what you love and ‘being’ your true self? Are you wanting to uncover your true self and love every inch of it? Let me share something with you …

One day I woke up…

and said ‘yes’ to all of the above. I was tired of finding myself in the same situation over and over again. Anxious about something I had no control over, stressing over friendships, feeling sick over a breakup, lacking self-love, not having the time for me, feeling guilty about not meeting others expectations, worrying about the future, not having enough money, not having enough energy, not having enough motivation, feeling shameful of ‘doing whats right for me’, guilty for letting people go, sad for not having nice skin or thick healthy hair … the list goes on.
I am 25 years old and most of these emotions, experiences and lessons I experienced between the ages of 17-23. I had gone through quite a tough 6 years consisting of huge lifestyle changes, location and environmental changes; I had just finished school, then onto University, to starting a corporate Event Management business at the age of 20 to find myself feeling over powered by the tough corporate world and it all just came crashing down…self worth = 0. (there is so much to share and this isnt the place where I share my life story, thus far – there is a book coming 😉

Crashing down means we have to find a way up


My way up was in acknowledging these dark aspects, my flaws, my insecurities, my deepest desires, what made me shine and what made me want to curl up in a ball, what made me feel on top of the world, what I tend to shy away from, observing my natural reactions to situations, choosing how I desire to feel, choosing what I wish to attract and most of all …

Choosing to Consciously Live a Life I Love


You see, as human beings we have loads of natural tendencies, I refer to this as ‘conditioning’. These shape who we are and why we do certain things and most definitely how we feel. But sometimes, we are way too hard on ourself. We look at the worst rather then finding the best. The negative gets all of our attention when the positive is what has our back. Then all of a sudden your battery pack has no energy and your vibration is that low it is barely existent. Then …

When you have a negative vibration your magnetising negative energy …


and when your magnetising negative energy, nothing is working because your not attracting the frequency that is ‘you’, the frequency that is your truth, your essence, your true self. The highest frequency is love. Love uplifts, love heals, love thrives, love flows, loves brings joy and happiness, love transforms.

So I started finding the love …


First, within myself.
I was introduced to something called ‘self-love’ and ‘mindfulness’. From here my consciousness has expanded and I grew to be drawn more to the light than the darkness, to see the best in everything rather than the worst, to look at everything from a perspective of love rather than fear and I began to realize that the darkness is part of my growth and in fact I became friends with it. Those tough situations I have been through were there to make my heart stronger, my consciousness wider and my beliefs about who I was, deeper.



I share these amazing tools, trainings, and experiences with people all over the world so they too can ‘wake up’ and Consciously Live a Life they Love. I work one-on-one with individuals and families to explore their current lifestyle including overall health and well-being, to identify ways that they can live more consciously, enabling them to live a life that they love.

I believe when the space is created to enable humans to share together, and have another perspective and way of living shone upon them, there is more ‘living’, more happiness, more acceptance and a better world.  I know this because of how it has changed my life personally and so far the lives of others I have worked with. And the best thing about this way of living is that whenever situations that come up in life and throw you off guard, these tools allow you to come back, every time. They are tools that humans can take with them and use throughout their entire life. That is invaluable.

I am still on this journey and I am sure that I could relate to you and how you have felt at some stage in your life, or maybe you are right there in that place right now. That is probably the reason why you came to my website. To find an answer. The big news is that I don’t have ‘the’ answer for you, your answers are within you and only you can begin to dive deep within to find all that is within you. I am here to create the space for you to do just that.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to be introduced to these life changing, whole-hearted ways of living, consciously? I am.

Send me a message and let’s shine together.

Always, love and light,


ps: this isn’t just something you do when you hit that ‘low’ its an everyday ritual kinda thing which does take time, and energy and a commitment to ‘you’. Are you ready?
If you can relate I hope you find the courage to reach out and connect with me, head on over to my Instagram page where everything is so much more personal and you can meet my chocolate-buddy who has seen it all- @brooke_soulcollective